Harrison County Cave Guide

Did you know that every cave is different? Harrison County's caves are each unique, both in their formations and the additional attractions at each site. A visit to one of our caves means lots of fun below and above ground! And at a constant temperature of 54 degrees Farenheit, the caves remain open and comfortable all year round. Check out each cave's offerings below.

Indiana Caverns

At Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park, enjoy a 25-minute boat ride on an underground river. Take in the 35-foot underground waterfall as you explore this cave on the Binkley Cave system, the longest in the state of Indiana, and the 7th largest in the United States. Exciting new attractions have recently opened at Indiana Caverns, including the Bat Chaser aerial coaster, which allows you to soar through the air on a track to experience a sensation similar to hang gliding, and a themed escape room.

Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave was discovered by two children in 1883, and since designated as a U.S. National Landmark with “the most profusely decorated cavern.” Visitors today can choose between two cavern tours for different experiences: The Crystal Palace Tour and the Dripstone Trail Tour. A pedal kart race track that winds through the woods will be new at Marengo Cave this year. This feature is appropriate for almost every age, with a separate track where little ones can give it a try. Additionally, the Miner’s Mega Maze will time participants as they try to navigate an 8,000 square foot maze. See the maze from above at the lookout tower if you need some help!

Squire Boone Caverns & Village

Squire Boone Caverns was discovered in 1790 by Squire Boone and his brother, the frontiersman Daniel Boone. Squire made a homestead on the property. He built a gristmill there in 1809, which has been restored to function again today, and is powered by a stream that flows from within the caverns. Gain insight into the pioneer experience through candle and soap making demonstrations in the Squire Boone Village, and don’t miss Boone’s Kitchen and Candy Shop for lunch or their renowned old-fashioned rock candy and homemade fudge! In the caverns, soak in the splendor of the country’s largest rimstone dam and the Rock of Ages, an exquisite 40-foot-tall formation. Squire Boone Caverns Zipline Adventures offers the longest zip in the region with over 10,000 feet of line! You and your family can fly through the forest canopy and over beautiful valleys—an experience you’ll remember forever.

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Indiana Caverns Deep Darkness

Go Deeper: Cave Exploration!

Deep Darkness at Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park: Descend 200 feet to kayak an underground river in this four hour tour.

Cave Exploration at Marengo Cave: Choose from five trips to rarely seen parts of the cave!

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