There’s more to scenic Southern Indiana than what meets the eye. 

Below the rolling hills, majestic forests, and winding Blue River lies a secretive network of caverns and caves just waiting to be explored at Indiana Caverns, Marengo Cave, Squire Boone Caverns, and Wyandotte Cave. Guided tours take you deep into our greatest natural treasure where you can walk alongside underground streams, investigate captivating cave formations, discover fossils, and observe fascinating plant and animal life hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface. Tours vary in length and terrain, but most are easy walks the whole family can enjoy. And with a constant temperature of 52 degrees, the caves are a perfect outing all year long. 

After diving below the earth, it’s time to fly high. Harness yourself for the zipline ride of your life at Squire Boone Caverns Zipline Adventures, zooming over caverns and treetops. From introductory trips designed to give newbies just a  taste of zipline action to whizzing down Indiana’s longest zipline, we have an exciting excursion for everyone. If you’re a true adventure enthusiast, be sure to check out the Bat Chaser aerial coaster for the thrill of a lifetime. Riders summit a 50-foot tower before twisting and turning 603 feet to the ground with the option to free fall. This ride’s a Corydon must-do!

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Explore Southern Indiana Caves Attractions

Deep Darkness at Indiana Caverns

Corydon, Indiana 47112

A cave exploring adventure trip. Experience 4 hours of high adventure.

Indiana Cave Trail


Discover the wonderful world of caves and caverns.

Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park

Corydon, Indiana 47112

You can visit Indiana’s newest natural attraction and show cave 363 days a year.

Marengo Cave

Marengo, Indiana 47140

Offering a variety of underground splendor rarely seen in a single cave.

Squire Boone Caverns & Village

Mauckport, IN 47142

Rediscover Squire Boone Caverns on the new cave tour featuring never-before-seen views. Guided one hour walking tours.

Wyandotte Caves Monument Mountain

Wyandotte Cave

Leavenworth, IN 47137

See beautiful formations that took years to form.

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