Big city coffee in a small town

Big city coffee in a small town

Are you like I am when traveling? I always feel like I need a jump start with some good coffee, preferably some flavored iced coffee. There are actual medical studies that demonstrate caffeine helps with pain relief: good if you had to wake up early, overdid it the night before, etc.! But when going through a small town, it can be hard to find the kind of coffee drinks you’re used to at home. Well, whether you’re headed to Louisville, heading north to Indy or Chicago perhaps, or want to take in the charm of historic Corydon, Indiana, they’ve got the upscale coffee for you: Kent Java Bar! It’s a woman-owned destination with a cool vibe. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The moment you step through the door, you’ll notice the chic design and exposed wood. Metal bar stools also feel “big city”. Their hand-crafted coffee drinks are made with Quills Coffee, roasted in nearby Louisville. They serve a wide variety of Italian-inspired coffee creations, with plenty of flavors (including seasonal picks) — good ol’ USA style!

Coffee not your thing? They’re also known for their chai. FYI, their iced tea is fantastic: I had a peach basil iced tea that was served with garden-fresh basil!

Kent Java Bar serves some light refreshments, but the stand-outs are their fresh, home-style baked goods! A pumpkin roll, for example, had a light, fluffy texture.

Here and at a couple of other places in Corydon, I saw that there’s a little take one/leave one library: how cultured! They have free WiFI, which always helps when traveling.

227 E Chestnut St
Corydon, Indiana
(812) 736-0032

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