11 of the best Antique Malls in Indiana

11 of the best Antique Malls in Indiana

Find the Best Antique Malls in Southern Indiana

Indiana is an enjoyable shopping destination for arts, crafts, glassware, and all kinds of merchandise. However, if you want to find antiques and collectibles, Southern Indiana is the place to go. There’s nothing like searching for treasures from past, and we’ve compiled a list of the must-visit antique stores and antique malls in Indiana. Each store has its own charm, selection of merchandise and specialty, so you can find anything you’re looking for — or even some things you never knew you needed. Get ready to take a drive through the best of Indiana’s antique trail with these antique malls in Southern Indiana.

Old Town Store

Old Store

photo credit: Old Town Store

Old Town Store is a sprawling 4,000 square foot antique store in Corydon, Indiana. With its collection cultivated by owners Joe and Lindsay Poe, the antique shop is a wonderland of antiques, architectural salvage, primitives, and more. The Poes specialize in vintage advertising, collectibles, and other items, but there’s definitely something for everyone. Stop in and find your favorite childhood toy or a charming piece of antique home decor.

Carmel Old Town Antique Mall

Carmel Old Town

photo credit: Carmel Old Town Antique Mall

Carmel Old Town Antique Mall features nearly 12,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles. There’s a diverse range of over 70 dealers here, each with their own specialties, so it’s an attractive place for anyone who loves collectibles. The mall also includes a lounge area with coffee and tea, plus free parking. Vendors are carefully vetted with applications and interviews to make sure the antique shop is showcasing only the best authentic antiques and not reproductions.

Riverside Antique Mall

Riverside Antique Mall

photo credit: Riverside Antique Mall

You’ll be able to browse the wares of over 50 sellers at this large antique mall in Evansville, Indiana. The mall is open every day and is conveniently located on Highway 41, so you can get to shopping as soon as you get to town. Shelves are crammed with all kinds of vintage and antique items, such as postcards, furniture, jewelry and so much more. There’s so much to see that you might have to make two trips just to get the lay of the land.

The Picker’s Nest

Picker’s Nest - antique malls in Indiana

photo credit: The Picker’s Nest

Indiana has multiple antique shops and The Picker’s Nest should definitely be on your itinerary for a day in Corydon, Indiana. The shop has retro kitchenware, vintage holiday items, antique jewelry and other delights to enjoy. If you’re looking to add a bit of retro charm to your home, be sure you stop by for a visit — just look for the cute sign with the birds.

Antique Emporium of Carmel

Antique Emporium of Carmel

photo credit: Antique Emporium of Carmel

Southern Indiana’s Antique Emporium of Carmel has housewares, china, pottery, records and other great collectibles. The charming store has all kinds of attractive antiques and vintage items for your home. You’ll find the store located in the Monon Shopping Center and it’s an enjoyable stop in Carmel, Indiana.

Shaker’s Landing Antiques Mall in Southern Indiana

Antiques Malls in Indiana

photo credit: Shaker’s Landing Antiques Mall

Recently expanded to 10,000 square feet of antiques, Shaker’s Landing Antique Mall is a treasure warehouse with a constantly changing inventory. The shop includes a large selection of military items, coal mine antiques, maps, architectural salvage, and more. If you’re looking for restoration work for a beloved piece, or custom framing work, they can assist you in that as well.

Red Barn Antique Mall in Corydon, IN

Red Barn Antique Mall in Corydon, IN

photo credit: Red Barn Antique Mall

Open 7 days a week, Red Barn Antique Mall has a bit of something for everyone. Their motto is “Treat yourself to the best,” and you’ll certainly find the best here. Quilts, glassware, cookware, artwork, toys and more are waiting in inside to be found. Red Barn Antique Mall features three floors of browsing, so you’ll likely be there for an hour or two. Dig in, there’s so much to explore at this Corydon, Indiana antique shop.

Lumber Mill Antique Mall

Lumber Mill Antique Mall

photo credit: Lumber Mill Antique Mall

Lumber Mill Antique Mall isn’t just an antique shop in Southern Indiana, it’s a living piece of history. The shop and the 133 square block it’s part of are on the National Register of Historic Places. You’ll find like you’ve walked back in time browsing through the streets and the shop, which holds 3 floors of antique dealers. Lumber Mill Antique Mall is the largest antique shop in Madison, Indiana, and is open 7 days a week.

Historic Bloomington Antique Mall

Historic Bloomington Antique Mall in Indiana

photo credit: Historic Bloomington Antique Mall

After closing for several years, Bloomington, Indiana’s Historic Bloomington Antique Mall is back and better than ever. The facility has been upgraded and lovingly restored with 24,000 square feet of shopping space. More than 120 booths and vendors await you, with plenty to browse from, including coins, jewelry, furniture and other items. That’s what makes it one of the best antique malls in Indiana.

Westbury Antique Market

Westbury Antique Market

photo credit: Westbury Antique Market

It’s a blitz of nostalgia and antiques at the Westbury Antique Market, located in Westbury, Indiana. If you find something you just have to have, the antique market offers layaway, and you will, because there’s over 20,000 square feet of antiques of all types. A great list of vendors and sellers take up residence in the Westbury Antique Market with an evolving inventory, so you may need to browse for quite a while.

Out of the Blue Finds

Out of the Blue Finds

photo credit: Out of the Blue Finds

Out of the Blue Finds isn’t just an antique store, it also sells vintage and modern items, as well as repurposed items and home decor. If you need something that’s primitive, shabby chic or industrial for your home, be sure you stop in this shop. You’ll also find quilts, books, clocks, seasonal items and other goods to enjoy.

No matter the season, there’s no better way to spend a weekend than browsing through antique stores in Southern Indiana. Indiana has long been known as an antique paradise, and this region certainly boasts some of the best stores in the state. Whether you’re just visiting or you live in the area, you can’t go wrong stopping for a bit at one of the above locations. That wraps up our review of Indiana’s antique mall directory.

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