There Really is a Butt Drugs!

There Really is a Butt Drugs!

There really is a Butt Drugs! Charming soda fountain in Corydon, IN

I wore a Butt’s Drugs t-shirt to The Bahamas . . . a resident remarked, “I don’t think there really is such a place.” I assured him that yes, there really is! It’s been one of historic Corydon, Indiana’s beloved businesses since 1952. That’s a real family name with generations of real pharmacists behind the counter.

Along with toiletries, liquor and other notions, the pharmacy also has a classic soda fountain. I’m a sucker for a custom-made flavored soda (or pop, as we call it in the Midwest)! Now, as Cookie Monster now says, it’s had to become a sometimes treat . . . but I never forget the joy. Sure, Coke makes a few flavors in cans and some flavors that aren’t available in the US. But a freshly made soda with cherry, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon or lime makes you long for the days of when lots of places had soda fountains.

Butt’s Drugs also has a wide range of clothing with their name on it, because . . . why not?

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